An age of big-media myopia

From The Nation, fools look for a fight between newspapers and the net — the challenge is to defend print and digital journalism, in an age of big-media myopia; here are ten things you can do to fight world hunger; if art is a product of the mind, and the mind a product of evolution, is art a product of evolution? A review essay by William Deresiewicz (and more from Bookforum); and how did Milan Kundera's antipathy toward the media become as curdled as the Czechs' allergy to his success? AN Wilson on why he believes again. Jeremy Stangroom on Ibn Rushd, the champion of reason. An interview with Remi Brague, author of The Legend of the Middle Ages. A review of Matt Baglio's The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist. An excerpt from The Late Age of Print: Everyday Book Culture from Consumerism to Control by Ted Striphas. At 30, Germany's liberal daily TAZ has grown up. From The Atlantic, dog bites bug: How man’s best friend can help him evict his nastiest bedmate; and as go the hippos: Under the weight of Congo’s civil war, an ecosystem collapses. A review of Religion and Democratic Citizenship: Inquiry and Conviction in the American Public Square by J. Caleb Clanton. What follows is an effort to debunk the main myths standing in the way of smart climate/energy policy.