Rise of the geeks

Jacob T. Levy (McGill): Multicultural Manners. The American heresy: When should religious dogma bow to experience? Gone: An article on mass extinction and the hazards of Earth's vanishing biodiversity. A review of Beyond the Good Death: The Anthropology of Modern Dying by James W. Green. A review of Parentonomics: An Economist Dad Looks at Parenting by Joshua Gans. The Media's Lost Generation: How do you get ahead in an industry that can’t see its own future? Universal broadband internet is going to be spectacularly disruptive, and the challenge isn't just going to be getting everyone connected. SpongeBob's Golden Dream: A look at the mysterious allure of the fry cook from Bikini Bottom. Forest Fighters: Developers tearing down the Peruvian Amazon have a new enemy. Deer Heaven: Humans invented suburbia, but it is deer who may be its most enthusiastic residents. Rise of the geeks: A new class of specialists is analysing which websites you look at, what you buy in the supermarket, and how you behave at work. A review of The Contested Nation: Ethnicity, Class, Religion and Gender in National Histories by Stefan Berger and Chris Lorenz. Stuart Blackman on why health warnings can be bad. From New Scientist, a special section on the five greatest mysteries of antimatter.