Against gender apartheid

From The Advocate, designer John Bartlett’s infatuation with all things masculine thrilled New Yorkers beginning in the ’90s; now he’s taking it to the masses. From Salvo, an look at the media's attack on masculinity. Harry Potter is emasculating America: When did our next generation of superhuman studs become spayed and neutered? Every day is man day: Matt Labash is a man. Sorry, men, but the writing’s on the wall, right above the urinal: The world no longer needs you. From Double X, here's a dandy’s guide to girl-watching: Checking out girls in shorts, tastefully. A look at why young single men are more xenophobic and more young women travel abroad. Skipping spouse to spouse isn’t just a man’s game. There’s no such thing as misogyny — at least not in our media, even after an awful shooting in Pittsburgh. Satoshi Kanazawa is just so cute when he rails against feminists. A newborn is like a narcotic: Why won't feminists admit the pleasure of infants? (and more) Since the mid-1990s, feminist opposition to fashion has all but evaporated; but are all these must-have It bags, new-season dresses and vertiginous heels really making women happy? A review of Postfemininities in Popular Culture by Stephanie Genz. A review of Bluestockings: The Remarkable Story of the First Women to Fight for an Education by Jane Robinson (and more). A manifesto against gender apartheid: Johann Hari reviews Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn (and more and more).