Grappling with the Anthropocene

Grappling with the Anthropocene: Scientists identify safe limits for human impacts on planet. The Earth has nine biophysical thresholds beyond which it cannot be pushed without disastrous consequences — and we have already moved past three of these tipping points. Comparing and graphing nine environmental threats, researchers find unexpected evils. E. Colin Ruggero on Radical Green Populism: Climate change, social change and the power of everyday practices. Overcoming inertia on climate change is unlikely to take place through the time-honored methods of hectoring and lecturing; perhaps a little salesmanship and psychology is called for. Here's the bottom line: The claim that climate legislation will kill the economy deserves the same disdain as the claim that global warming is a hoax. Framing those who push for zero emissions as misanthropes addled by "green faith" is a stock tactic of climate change deniers. Look, conservatives who believe in global warming, and they're doing something about it — too bad they live in Europe. Climate change hits the poorest people hardest; rich countries got us into this mess, now they must get us out of it (and more). Scientists concoct a $2-trillion-per-year plan to geoengineer the Sahara desert. Hacking the sky: Geo-engineering could save the planet — and in the process sacrifice the world. As global warming sets in, some of the world's wonders may not wait around for you to experience them; here are 10 places you need to visit before the climate changes.