Fiddling while the planet burns

Greenland is warming up: The glaciers of the world’s biggest island are speeding up and its ice sheet is disappearing at a rate faster and more worrying than science predicted. The Arctic may be down to its last few summers of being white; Johann Hari, in Greenland, asks hunters and scientists how climate change really feels. The final meltdown: Four weighty books lament the impending death of the old Arctic. When the glacier left: In surprising ways, a Himalayan village adapts to a changing climate. Curbing carbon, sustaining development: Darrel Moellendorf on the tensions in climate change mitigation. Rewiring our future: Robert Evans on fighting climate change with electric power. You can download Upsetting the Offset: The Political Economy of Carbon Markets, ed. Steffen Bohm and Siddhartha Dabhi. From FP, an excerpt from The Global Deal: Climate Change and the Creation of a New Era of Progress and Prosperity by Nicholas Stern; ClimateGate supposedly reveals a scientific world gone corrupt, but really shows a political world gone mad; and has the "ClimateGate scandal" shifted our fundamental understanding of global warming? Climatologist Michael MacCracken says no. An article on the mass psychology of climate change: Scientists need "attitude". Joss Garman on how climate change deniers cost the earth. Politicians are fiddling while the planet burns — what's a voter to do? James Hansen wants to know. Will big business save the Earth? Jared Diamond wonders. To really save the planet, stop going green. Climate change is inevitable, it’s time to adapt: The really inconvenient truth — we’re toast.