The new digital future

From Scientific American, an in-depth reports on the Internet at 40. Has the Internet brought us together or driven us apart? Johann Hari investigates. The decade Google made you stupid: Douglas Rushkoff on Internet-driven ADD, virtual-reality delusions, and how computers changed how you think. From NYRB, Robert Darnton on Google and the new digital future. A review of Inside Larry and Sergey's Brain by Richard L. Brandt. More and more and more and more and more on Googled: The End of the World As We Know It by Ken Auletta. Eric Schmidt on how Google can help newspapers: Video didn't kill the radio star, and the Internet won't destroy news organizations — it will foster a new, digital business model. Google’s Earth: How a search-engine startup became a global powerhouse — and why you should be worried about it. The New Good Guys: Murdoch and Microsoft are on the right side against the Google (and more and more). An analysis of Wikipedia entries reveals the world's knowledge deserts, which may provide a second wave of activity for the online encyclopedia. Is Wikipedia dying?: The world's fifth-most-popular website relies almost entirely on volunteer labor — and the volunteers are quitting. Nicholas Ciarelli on the myth of Wikipedia democracy. Leif Harmsen isn't just anti-Facebook — he's so against the social networking site, the gay artist has created a "Shut Your Facebook" T-shirt line just to drive the point home. Finding old versions of web pages could become far simpler thanks to a "time-travelling" web browsing technology.