The future of foreign policy

Putin's Game: Why Russia won't cooperate on Iranian sanctions. Russia's corporate giant Gazprom inspires anxiety among those who suspect it of doing the Kremlin's geopolitical dirty work, but changes in the global economy are threatening to rob the company of its mojo. Two dissimilar economic paths: How China won and Russia lost. The Unbalanced Triangle: What Chinese-Russian relations mean for the United States. The Great Leap: In the midst of a global financial crash and the climate crisis, New China enters its third act. New rules for the West: Chinese competition in 21st century Africa. China wins struggle for Pipelinestan: While the U.S. is stuck in Afghanistan, China sneaks off quietly with the resource prize. While nobody was paying attention, Beijing was busy cornering the market on a little-known, but much coveted, strategic commodity. Heavy metal: China’s monopoly on rare earth metals could choke economies across the world. Fareed Zakaria on why terrorism and economic turmoil won't keep the world down for long. An empire at risk: We won the cold war and weathered 9/11 — but now economic weakness is endangering our global power. Power of consumption: David Brin on how we Americans spent ourselves into ruin — but saved the world. What is American foreign policy about? George Scialabba investigates. A review of One Nation Under Contract: The Outsourcing of American Power and the Future of Foreign Policy by Allison Stanger (and more). Power Shortage: No one wants America to be the sole global superpower, but no one wants to share the load.