A new university

From TLS, 800 years on the Cam: Low living and high thinking at Cambridge University, from Henry III to Peter Mandelson; and impact on humanities: Stefan Collini on why researchers must take a stand now or be judged and rewarded as salesmen. From THES, poisonous impact: A latter-day Socrates wouldn't stand a chance, says Felipe Fernandez-Armesto; Bruno Cousin and Michele Lamont say academics at France's public universities need to rethink their strategy after this year's protests alienated the public and had little impact on the government; and the American lesson, how to be top: Ivy League institutions rose to greatness only after being cut off from state aid and meddling. At public universities less for more: Why top flagships are raising tuition, enrolling better students and becoming more like privates — that may not be a good thing (and more). An online university with no fees: A new university offers access to a wide variety of people, largely thanks to academic volunteers. An interview with Cary Nelson, author of No University Is an Island: Saving Academic Freedom. An interview with Paul Gray and David Drew, authors of What They Didn’t Teach You in Graduate School: 199 Helpful Hints for Success in Your Academic Career. Paula Marantz Cohen on what she has learned from 30 years of teaching The Merchant of Venice. Tevi Troy on Cornell’s Straight Flush: Forty years after the student center was occupied, the destructive effects linger. How Facebook killed originality: A review of My Word! Plagiarism and College Culture by Susan Blum. A review of The Lowering of Higher Education in America by Jackson Toby.