Plurotheism and future of religion

From TLS, a review essay on the globalization of religion: Dawkins, plurotheism and future of religion in the global market. Believers have got into a tangle trying to fend off the likes of Richard Dawkins — and then there’s the problem of the horticultural parable. An essay on sexuality and mourning in American Catholicism. Jesus in the eyes of Josephus: Is the passage about Jesus by the great Jewish historian a forgery or authentic? A review of Writing the Rapture: Prophecy Fiction in Evangelical America by Crawford Gribben. Ada Calhoun on being a closet Christian: In her circle, nothing is more embarrassing than being religious. Winning not just hearts but minds: Evangelicals move, slowly, toward the intellectual life. The first chapter from The Religious Left and Church-State Relations by Steven H. Shiffrin. A review of Judas: A Biography by Susan Gubar. From CT, an article on John Calvin, comeback kid: Why the 500-year-old Reformer retains an enthusiastic following today (and more). Can science explain religion?: H. Allen Orr reviews The Evolution of God by Robert Wright. An interview with James V. Schall, author of The Mind That Is Catholic: Philosophical and Political Essays. A review of The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why It Endures by Nicholas Wade. Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? Resolving the dispute over authorship of the ancient manuscripts could have far-reaching implications for Christianity and Judaism. Alan Wolfe reviews Prophet of Purpose: The Life of Rick Warren by Jeffrey L. Sheler. On being an "Ultra-Catholic": Catholics are the one group about which no one has to speak accurately.