The rebirth of anarchism

From Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, Chaia Heller celebrates the life and work of Murray Bookchin; John Clark on Bookchin's critique of the anarchist tradition; and Chuck Morse on being a Bookchinite. Alex Prichard considers the rebirth of anarchism as a scholarly subject, its future in an impact-oriented academy and its lessons for democracy. Was Emile Henry the first terrorist of the modern age? The world's first terrorists: We think of jihadism as a modern creation, but the 19th-century anarchist movement was equally nihilistic — and equally deadly. A review of Wobblies and Zapatistas: Conversations on Anarchism, Marxism and Radical History by Staughton Lynd and Andrej Grubacic. Colin Ward lived with the title of Britain's most famous anarchist for nearly half a ­century (and more). An interview with Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt, authors of Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism. Calling Europe’s anarchist class 2008-2009: no need to smash bank windows. Refusing to Wait: An essay on anarchism and intersectionality. An interview with George Lakey on the Movement for a New Society. A review of Anarchy Alive! Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory by Uri Gordon. A review of An Anarchist's Story: The Life of Ethel MacDonald by Chris Dolan. Anarchists in the Global Justice Movement: A review of Direct Action: An Ethnography by David Graeber. From ZNet, an essay on anarchism's promise for anticapitalist resistance. When reading the “manifestos” of today’s anarchists, one thing becomes abundantly clear: They hate capitalism more than they hate government. Can we build socialist-anarchist alliances? A communist revival: University and workplace occupations are promising indications of the return of communism, in its original sense.