Global development challenges

From Harvard International Review, an interview with Chris Foote on reassessing the financial crisis; is it 1848 all over again? Gustavo de las Casas on the unexpected geopolitical implications of today’s recession; beyond Keynesianism: Justin Lin on the necessity of a globally coordinated solution; will Facebook remake the world? John Feffer on the impact of social networking on global governance, reform, and revolution — or are we headed toward a Somalian future? An interview with Karin Von Hippelby. What crisis?: It seemed logical to expect that the economic crisis of 2008 would throw millions of people around the world back into poverty — but it hasn't really happened. Global wellbeing surveys find nations worlds apart: Ten percent or lower are "thriving" in 41 of 155 countries or areas. Here’s something you don’t see every day: One of the most influential promoters of market fundamentalist “free trade” policies admitting that he screwed up big time. A review of Losing the Global Development War: A Contemporary Critique of the IMF, the World Bank, and the WTO by John W. Head. A review of Forced to Be Good: Why Trade Agreements Boost Human Rights by Emilie Hafner-Burton. A review of Global Responsibility for Human Rights: World Poverty and the Development of International Law by Margot Salomon (and Salomon on global economic policy and human rights: Three sites of disconnection). And the poor get poorer: An article on the economics of higher global temperatures. Make birth control, not war: The human tendency toward war is based on biology, but the right family planning policies can redirect the world toward peace. Swedish professor Hans Rosling uses a few Lego blocks to explain population growth and global development challenges.