Belief in God

Liberal secularism and high birth rates are fuelling a revival of religious fundamentalism: An interview with Eric Kaufmann, author of Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth? Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century (and more and more). A review of The Faith Instinct: How Religion Evolved and Why it Endures by Nicholas Wade (and more). A review of Conceiving God: the Cognitive Origin and Evolution of Religion by David Lewis-Williams. Why belief in God is innate: Several lines of evidence suggest that belief in religion is hard-wired into the brain. A review of God's Brain by Lionel Tiger and Michael McGuire. Brain surgery boosts spirituality: Lose a tumour, gain self-transcendence. What are God’s views on affirmative action, the death penalty and same-sex marriage? Whatever you want them to be. An interview with Lisa Miller, author of Heaven: Our Enduring Fascination with the Afterlife (and more and more and more and more). Stanley Fish reviews An Awareness of What is Missing: Faith and Reason in a Post-secular Age by Jurgen Habermas (and more). A review of The Rage Against God: Why Faith is the Foundation of Civilisation by Peter Hitchens. Did world religions help bring about complex societies? Ian Buruma on why religion remains dangerous for democracy and whether we can ever get rid of religion all together (and more). From The Humanist, a review of Society without God: What the Least Religious Nations Can Tell Us about Contentment by Phil Zuckerman; an excerpt from Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe by Greg Epstein; and a review of Living Without God: New Directions for Atheists, Agnostics, Secularists, and the Undecided by Ronald Aronson (and more). Linda LaScola and Daniel Dennett on preachers who are not believers (and more).