Anxieties of everyday life

From The American Scholar, Christian Wiman on how to be alive spiritually is to feel the ultimate anxiety of existence within the trivial anxieties of everyday life. More and more and more and more on At Home: A Short History of Private Life by Bill Bryson. When Washington took on Wall Street: With Republicans having threatened to block reform and Goldman Sachs fighting fraud charges, Alan Brinkley looks back at the Pecora Commission hearings, which riveted America, and asks why there is no comparable investigation now. Is a little bullying — offline and online — good for you? A fantasy Supreme Court: Nine legal rabble-rousers who'd never make President Obama’s shortlist, but we can dream. Can you tell what’s going on in this 2001 correction/apology published by the Ottawa Citizen? A review of Massacred for Gold: The Chinese In Hells Canyon by R. Gregory Nokes. A review of Bourdieu in Algeria: Colonial Politics, Ethnographic Practices, Theoretical Developments. A panel on Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy by Raghuram Rajan. A need to feed: Jack McLain on what zombies tell us about our culture. The failed car-bombing in Times square and the dizzying stock market crash less than a week later mark the book ends of terrorist eras. A look at 8 health foods that are bad for your health. In math you have to remember, in other subjects you can think about it. Rumors of Book Expo's demise are greatly exaggerated; Scott McLemee returns from the university press "ghetto". John Judis on how the Tea Party Movement isn’t racist — but that’s not to say there aren’t racists in it. Wired has Clay Shirky and Daniel Pink sit down for a conversation about motivation and media, social networking, sitcoms, and why the hell people spend their free time editing Wikipedia.