The capability of philosophy

Joshua Seigal (UCL): Unhappy Humans and Happy Pigs. From Kritike, Tracy Ann P. Llanera (Santo Tomas): The Copernican Revolution in Pragmatism? Dewey on Philosophy and Science; and Vinod Lakshmipathy (Rice): Kant and the Turn to Romanticism. From Critique and Humanism, Pierre Wagner on the linguistic turn and other misconceptions about analytic philosophy. A review of Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography by Julian Young. From Philosophy for Business, Andrew Murray (CIS): Aristotle and Locke on the Moral Limits of Wealth and Aristotle on the Ethics of Workplace Relations; and Sean Jasso (Pepperdine): The Hippocratic Oath of the Manager: Good or Bad Idea? An interview with Martha Nussbaum on the capability of philosophy. A review of The Nature of Normativity by Ralph Wedgwood. A review of Conversations on Ethics by Alex Voorhoeve. Here are some of the papers from the Northwestern Society for Ethical Theory and Political Philosophy's Annual Conference. A review of The New Pragmatism by Alan Malachowski. A review of The Nature and Future of Philosophy by Michael Dummett. A review of Reflections On How We Live by Annette Baier. A review of Making the Social World: The Structure of Human Civilization by John Searle. The first chapter from Kant and Skepticism by Michael Forster. A review of Explaining the Normative by Stephen Turner. MacIntyre’s missing pages: A review of Christian Ethics: A Brief History by Michael Banner. A review of This is Ethical Theory by Jan Narveson. An interview with Rebecca Housel, author of Twilight and Philosophy: Vampires, Vegetarians and the Pursuit of Immortality and True Blood and Philosophy: We Wanna Think Bad Things with You. Here is the first part of the diary of an unemployed Class of '10 philosophy major in NYC.