Numbers are hard to come by

A new issue of Preservation is out. John C. Yoo (UC-Berkeley): George Washington and Executive Power. Joseph Karl Grant (Capital): What Can We Learn From The 2010 BP Oil Spill? Five Important Corporate Law and Life Lessons. The introduction to Thinking about Leadership by Nannerl O. Keohane. From The Guardian, in these economically and politically tricky times we need history's long look more than ever; the teaching of history provides much more than the practical skills which underpin the study of politics and society, it also gives children a vital understanding of their place in the world; and Simon Schama and Antony Beevor are right that learning history is necessary, but what events should every schoolchild learn about? The Russian magazine Snob hits American newsstands. From Wishtank Edu, a look at 40 artists to change your life. The Battle of Rio: With the 2016 Olympics looming, the city’s embattled police invade the favelas. Numbers are hard to come by: What journalists write when they encounter a known unknown. The New Egyptian Novel: The slums of Cairo find their homology in a new genre of narrative fiction, argues Sabry Hafez. The Air Force is working to develop a small unmanned bomber that can fit in a backpack and be deployed by infantry in seconds to annihilate enemy forces. Outsmarted: Jed Pearl on what Oscar Wilde could teach us about art criticism. Deal with a dictator: Getting supplies to Afghanistan may be worth cozying up to Uzbekistan — for now. A look at 10 strange things about the universe. This Is Not a Blog Post: Blogs and Web magazines are looking more and more alike — what's the difference? Necessity and competence: The importance of having a cogent explanation for government and political obligation is obvious. Tyler Cowen on how immigrants can help create more jobs.