Every American

Peter Tiersma (Loyola): Language Policy in the United States. Let's stop pretending the Constitution is sacred: Freedom rests on a culture of constitutionalism, not a particular document. A government report finds rich white men are most likely to survive nuclear blast. A review of Quest for Equality: The Failed Promise of Black-Brown Solidarity by Neil Foley (and more). As Gulf fishermen are forced to work for the oil company that destroyed their livelihoods, who will train Louisiana’s next generation to fish? The U.S. postal service is struggling for survival and broadcast airwaves feed hate — how two key information commons, “owned” by citizens, have dammed the flow of communication and birthed Rush Limbaugh. Think Again: Gideon Rachman on American decline — this time it's for real. Born in the USA? Some Chinese plan it that way. Why is gun control controversial? Scott McLemee wonders while waiting for the next massacre. The Worst of the Worst: Lance Tapley on supermax torture in America. Does anyone in America believe in the rule of law? WikiLeaks, immigration, tax havens, illegal wars — both the left and right ignore the law when it suits them. State and local corporate welfare are mind-boggling — where's the reporting? A review of The Essential American, A Patriot's Resource: 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own. R. M. Arrieta on the state of Native America: Very unemployed and mostly ignored.