Debates in political philosophy

Jeremy Waldron (NYU): The Principle of Proximity. Corey L. Brettschneider (Brown): The Value Theory of Democracy. Scott Anderson (UBC): The Enforcement Approach to Coercion. You can download the book Normative Interests and Chosen Obligations by David Owens. The introduction to Liberalism without Perfection by Jonathan Quong. The first chapter from The Real World of Democratic Theory by Ian Shapiro. What is a good life? An excerpt from Justice for Hedgehogs by Ronald Dworkin. From the Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, a symposium on Will Kymlicka’s book Multicultural Odysseys; and a symposium on Adrian Vermeule’s Law and the Limits of Reason. The first chapter from Michael Oakeshott's Skepticism by Aryeh Botwinick. What we owe the audacious Athenians: Andre Glucksmann on the original birth of freedom. Could we plausibly believe in the fundamental tenets of classical liberalism and, at the same time, support the state’s raising of immigration barriers? Ed Rooksby on liberal citizenship, socialism and the state. A review of Measuring Justice: Primary Goods and Capabilities. Mark Lilla on China’s strange interest in Leo Strauss and other Western philosophers. More on A Brief History of Liberty by David Schmidtz and Jason Brennan. Michael Sandel explains why justice is at the heart of contemporary political debate. A review of Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy.