American politics and Election 2008

From TAP, first Gonzales, then Bush? Impeachment should be a serious option — with an intermediary step. The Trouble with Impeachment: Bush and Cheney merit impeachment and conviction — that doesn't make it a good idea. From GQ, The 50 Most Powerful People in DC: In Washington, you are either a person with power or a person who acts like he has power. Herewith, the 50 men and women who make it all happen (but not anyone named Bush or Cheney). The Man Who Killed Compassionate Conservatism: Karl Rove and Tommy Thompson represented opposing ideas of Republican governance. Now, both are gone; and John Judis on Karl Rove, the Failed Architect. Despite his reputation as a political genius, Karl Rove made some fundamental miscalculations. And his cluelessness will live on in the White House.  Back to School for the GOP: To recover, Republicans will have to do something they haven't done in decades: learn from the other guys. 

The Christian Right's New Man: No one is happier with the results of the Iowa Straw Poll than charismatic evangelical Christians, who recently declared Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee "one of our own". Republicans, who just a few short years ago were trying to court Latino voters, will come to regret the anti- immigration one-upmanship they've exhibited in the primary campaign. The Naked Truth of a Conservative Activist (And Former Porn Star): Critics of Matt Sanchez think he's a hypocrite for being and a conservative activist and a former porn actor. Is he? Making Progress: ProgressNow exports its model for hyping liberal causes across the US. Britt Peterson goes inside Code Pink, D.C'.s most visible anti-war group. Hot Policy Wonks for the Democrats? The New Realists: See ya, Dick Holbrooke! Neo-liberalism is passé, anti-ideologues surge.

From Rolling Stone, The Real Liberal: John Edwards is third in the polls, but don't count him out. From The American Spectator, a cove story on Obama Rising: The charismatic freshman senator may just be the Democrat who can beat Hillary — and make liberalism a winning philosophy again. A Series of Fortunate Events: Barack Obama needed more than talent and ambition to rocket from obscure state senator to presidential contender in three years. He needed serious luck. Above the Fray: You’ve heard all about Barack Obama’s potential. But he has to get elected first. And a campaign can do funny things to a man. Professors have a crush on Obama, but his blog is audaciously lame. From Cracked, a look at the 12 worst candidate websites.