Reverence for the game

Ofer H. Azar and Michael Bar Eli (Ben-Gurion): Do Soccer Players Play the Mixed-Strategy Nash Equilibrium? David J. Hebert (George Mason): Who You Gonna Foul? How Players in the NBA Legally Deter Fouls. Robert A. McCormick and Amy C. McCormick (Michigan State): Major College Sports: A Modern Apartheid. A review of Home and Away: In Search of Dreams at the Homeless World Cup of Soccer by Dave Bidini. Baseball’s Loss of Innocence: When the 1919 Black Sox scandal shattered Ring Lardner’s reverence for the game, the great sportswriter took a permanent walk. Meet Andy Tracy, the oldest minor leaguer. The craziest men in sports: In hurling, the ball moves 100 miles per hour, so why don't goalkeepers want to wear facemasks? Jordan Fraade on what American sports say about American people. A review of Big-Time Sports in American Universities by Charles Clotfelter. How teams take over your mind: When it comes to sports, loyalty isn’t always a choice. Turning words into touchdowns: Does a player's speech predict how he'll perform in the NFL? Brian Mossop on the science behind college-football helmet stickers. The brainy, numbers-crunching Jewish fans who’ve revolutionized pro sports and realized every geek fan’s dream are celebrated as heroes at the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. Home Run, Selig: Contrary to his hapless image, baseball’s chief is the most effective commissioner in sports. Shut up and play: Dave Zirin on patriotism, jock culture and the limits of free speech. Millionaires v. billionaires or them v. us: Why the NFL would do us a favor by calling off the coming season. Sports fans control more of what happens on the court or on the field than they realize — now if they could just applaud good decisions over flashy bad ones. A review of At the Fights: American Writers on Boxing.