Putting philosophy to the test

Kevin Tobia and Stephen Stich (Rutgers) and Wesley Buckwalter (CUNY): Moral Intuitions: Are Philosophers Experts? From Essays in Philosophy, a special issue on Philosophy's Future: Science or Something Else, including Clinton Golding (Otago): A Conception of Philosophical Progress; James Tartaglia (Keele): Philosophy between Religion and Science; Duncan Richter (VMI): Philosophy and Poetry; Richard Kamber (CNJ): Philosophy’s Future as a Problem-Solving Discipline: The Promise of Experimental Philosophy; Ian James Kidd (Durham): The Contingency of Science and the Future of Philosophy; and Eric Dietrich (Binghamton): There Is No Progress in Philosophy. Putting Philosophy to the Test: A new breed of thinkers takes the search for wisdom to the street. What is philosophy? Philosophy is what you do when the facts do not fix the solution. A review of A Little History of Philosophy by Nigel Warburton (and a reading list). Timothy Williamson on naturalism and its limits: The dogma of naturalism, which claims to embrace the scientific spirit, can actually lead us into an unscientific view of the world (and a response by Alex Rosenberg). Major movements in philosophy as minimalist geometric graphics: From relativism to absolutism, or what the geometry of knowledge has to do with negative space. How computational complexity will revolutionize philosophy: The theory of computation has had a profound influence on philosophical thinking, but computational complexity theory is about to have an even bigger effect, argues computer scientist Scott Aaronson. Julian Baggini takes stock of the trade in rare philosophy books. What’s so great about Kant? A critique of Dinesh D’Souza’s attack on reason. From Hilobrow, Wittgenstein whimsical? Absolutely not — I mean just look at the man.