Let’s get busy making robots that are self-aware!

Scientists have created robots that can make up their own language to describe new places, even ones they haven’t physically experienced. Dominic Basulto on when robots run our nation's farms. As if American workers don’t have it rough enough, with unemployment skyrocketing and jobs moving overseas, now there’s another threat: robots (and more). From Slate, a special series: Will robots steal your job? If you're highly educated, you should still be afraid. Kevin Kelly on the 7 Stages of Robot Replacement. Alexa Clay and Jon Camfield on how robots and social entrepreneurs can work side by side to fix the world. A robot that uses its own reasoning when faced with a task it hasn't completed before has been unveiled. Kevin James Moore on a dream of robot’s rights. You are a robot: Since technology isn't new, why this infatuation with imitating machines now? Us and Them: Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans — are we ready? That's a terrific idea: I can't think of anything to worry about on this score — let's get busy making robots that are self-aware! A look at why we should not build self-conscious robots: "We should not unnecessarily increase the amount of conscious suffering in the universe". From Cyborgology, David Strohecker on robot fetishism, synthetic partners, and phallogocentrism. Challenges for a humanoid robot: If we want to build a real C3PO, we’ll have to make something that can speak and act appropriately to its goals over a wide range of unexpected circumstances. Chatbot tries to talk to itself, things get weird. From Improbable Research, a look at anthropomorphizations in robotics. The Internet is awash in videos of people dancing like robots, but the real gems are the videos of robots dancing like people. Atlas Obscura visits the amazing robots of Wu Yulu. From, a look at the 7 creepiest old school robots; and Scott Meyer on how to correct a mistake that may lead to the ruin of all mankind.