Moving too fast

The inaugural issue of Cosmoqueer is out, on femmes. Ezra Klein on financial crisis and stimulus: Could this time be different? David Leonhardt on the Depression: If only things were that good. From Dissent, Mark Engler on the legacy of "anti-globalization" (and a response), on five things that #OccupyWallStreet has done right, and on how #OccupyWallStreet is evolving and gaining power; and forty years after the Hard Hat Riot, a different response from organized labor to Wall Street protests. Steven Pearlstein on what Obama can learn from the Occupy Wall Street movement. “We are not dreamers, we are the awakening from a dream which is turning into a nightmare”: Slavoj Zizek visited Liberty Plaza to speak to Occupy Wall Street protesters — here is the full transcript of his speech and video. Breaking ranks: In the 90s, Alan Wolfe's iconoclasm made him new friends on the center left — now, it's costing him those same friendships. Glenn Greenwald on Erin Burnett: Voice of the People. Are modern airplanes dangerously overengineered? Between increasingly automated cockpits and lightweight materials untested over an aircraft's entire lifespan, some aviation watchers are worried the tech of planes is moving too fast. A look at the 7 worst behaviors on public transportation. From Gawker, Ryan Tate on what everyone is too polite to say about Steve Jobs. The End of Innocence: Frank Rose on how Steve Jobs was able to save Apple (and part 2). Affairs may do more than break hearts — they may break penises as well, a new study says. Uncreative Writing: To write the unreadable book may seem a strange quest, but for poet and archivist Kenneth Goldsmith, it’s the future of literature (and more and more on Uncreative Writing: Managing Language in the Digital Age). An interview with Michael Spence on the future of economic growth in a multispeed world.