Modern political thought

Meital Pinto (Toronto): What are Offences to Feelings Really About? A New Regulative Principle for the Multicultural Era. Jacob T. Levy (McGill): Indigenous Rights, Modern Political Concepts, and the State. Steven B. Smith (Yale): Strauss’s Rousseau and the Second Wave of Modernity. Youngjae Lee (Fordham): Desert, Deontology, and Vengeance. Sirus Kashefi (York): Freedom: Blocked between Philosophical Thoughts and the Legal Sphinx, or between the Sky (Heaven) and Earth (Hell). Jeremy Bendik-Keymer (Case Western): Can Eco-Systems be Subjects of Justice? Schlosberg, Nussbaum and Structural Injustice. Christian Von Haldenwang (GDI): Mapping Legitimation: How Do States Manage Situations of Stress and Change? Avihay Dorfman (Tel Aviv): The Society of Property. David Mena Aleman (Iberoamericana): Would "Global Republicanism" be a Better Republicanism than the One We Have? Cecile Laborde (UCL): Political Liberalism and Religion: On Separation and Establishment. Daniel Betti (Oklahoma Panhandle State): Plato's Myth of Atlantis, Mad Max, and the Schizophrenia of Progressive Thought a Lesson in Natural Cycles and Story-Telling. Cecile Laborde (UCL): Republicanism and Global Justice: A Sketch. Virginia Held (CUNY): Morality, Care, and International Law. Andreas Follesdal (Oslo): Non-State Oriented Political Theory: A Critical Assessment. J. Patrick Dobel (Washington): Holy Evil. Louis E. Wolcher (Washington): The Ethics of the Unsaid in the Sphere of Human Rights. Pavlos Eleftheriadis (Oxford): Citizenship and Obligation. Paul Brink (Gordon): Charting the Path Not Taken: Pluralist Explorations in Early Modern Political Thought. The introduction to The Closed Commercial State: Perpetual Peace and Commercial Society from Rousseau to Fichte by Isaac Nakhimovsky.