Welcome to the occupations

From the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities, don’t be afraid to say “revolution”, #OWS. The "Last Place Aversion" Paradox: Ilyana Kuziemko and Michael I. Norton on the surprising psychology of the Occupy Wall Street protests. If Zuccotti Park falls, where will the Occupy Wall Street movement move next? The all-American occupation: Steve Fraser on a century of Our Streets vs. Wall Street. Harold Meyerson on how politicians can kick the Wall Street habit: Candidates should take a no-bank-money pledge. How Occupy Wall Street is really funded: Who's behind the Wall Street protests? Welcome to the occupations: Ben Ehrenreich on Occupy L.A. As the OWS protest blossoms across America, they are no doubt being watched over by the country’s patron saint of civil disobedience — Herman Melville’s Bartleby. Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party: One looks cooler, the other smells better — do they agree on anything? (and more) Immanuel Wallerstein on the fantastic success of Occupy Wall Street. As the demonstrations grow, the different worldviews of bankers show the wide chasms that have opened over who is to blame for economic malaise. Nouriel Roubini on why almost every continent on Earth is experiencing social and political turmoil. In three months, an idea and a hashtag became a worldwide movement — here’s how they did it. An interview with Frances Fox Piven on the Occupy Wall Street protests and the complex interplay between social movements and electoral politics. Scott McLemee interviews four professors who are tracking the movement. What will become of Occupy Wall Street? A protest historian’s guide. Harvard Business Review on what businesses need to know about #OWS. Dean Baker on how we can make the "free market" work for the 99%. A look at 3 types of Wall Street protesters hurting their own cause. Here are 5 facts about the wealthiest 1 percent. We are the 1%, Bitches.