Oil is resurfacing again

Anna Cesari (Bologna): Oil and Democracy. Melinda Harm Benson (UNM): Are We Addicted to Oil? Lessons from Mental Health. Mahdi Rastad (Illinois): Do Oil Producers Extract More as They Become Richer? A Natural Experiment Using Unanticipated Reserve Discoveries. Issam A.W. Mohamed and Abdelaziz Marhoum (Al-Neelain): Oil, Referendum and the Economic Impacts of Southern Sudan Secession. Abdul Sattar A. Musa (Mustansiriya): The Realty of Iraqi Oil Sector and the Future Options. Erik Voeten (Georgetown) and Michael L. Ross (UCLA): Unbalanced Globalization in the Oil Exporting States. How the West was drilled: From Alberta to the Brazilian Coast, a tour of the new American oil frontier that could eclipse the Middle East. The return of the BP disaster: Oil is resurfacing again not far from the location of the BP Macondo Well off the Gulf of Mexico, 15 months on. A review of The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World by Daniel Yergin (and more and more and more and more and more and more). David Roberts on Fareed Zakaria, Daniel Yergin, and the elite disdain for clean energy deployment (and more). Johnny West on Iraq’s Last Window: Diffusing the risks of a petro-state. Michael T. Klare on America and oil: Declining together? Why the whole idea of the US achieving "energy independence" is a sham that enriches Big Oil and Coal. Is OPEC dead? You'd think that OPEC would be laughing it up right now — all the way to the bank. Russ Baker on what they don’t tell you about oil industry tax breaks. Johann Hari on the deal we dare not turn down: It is coming from the people of Ecuador, led by their President Rafael Correa, and it would begin to deal with two converging crises. A review of Surviving the Apocalypse in the Suburbs: The Thrivalist's Guide to Life Without Oil by Wendy Brown. What is "peak oil", anyway? Brad Plumer investigates.