The range of justice

Michael Young (NYU): The Value, Scope and Limits of Equality. Jeremy Waldron (NYU): Does "Equal Moral Status" Add Anything to Right Reason? Sean Ingham (Harvard): When is Public Reason Possible? Evan Riley (Wooster): Against Sen Against Rawls On Justice. William A. Edmundson (Georgia State): Politics in a State of Nature; and On GA Cohen, Political Philosophy and Personal Behavior. A review of On the Currency of Egalitarian Justice, and Other Essays in Political Philosophy by G.A. Cohen. Barbara H. Fried (Stanford): The Unwritten Theory of Justice: Rawlsian Liberalism Versus Libertarianism. Here is the entry on John Rawls by David A. Reidy for the International Encyclopedia of Ethics. A review of Rawls Explained: From Fairness to Utopia by Paul Voice. From The Cambridge Companion to Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Ralf M. Bader on the framework for utopia. From the inaugural issue of the Twin Cities Review of Political Philosophy, Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt): Self-Reflexive Social Epistemic Norms; Gary Banham reflects on Kant's "What is Enlightenment?" and Ross Edwards considers Foucault's "What is Enlightenment?"; and get expert help on difficult political theory ideas: Brian Bix, Horst Hutter and Philipe Gagnon on Friedrich Nietzsche's "eternal return of the same" and Seyla Benhabib, Roger Berkowitz, Peg Birmingham, and Karin Fry on Hannah Arendt's "world alienation". The introduction to Pluralism and Liberal Politics by Robert B. Talisse. A review of Creating Capabilities: The Human Development Approach by Martha C. Nussbaum. Here are essays on the philosophy of T.M. Scanlon. From Cato Unbound, Gerald Gaus on the range of justice (or, how to retrieve liberal sectual tolerance). Giles Fraser on Isaiah Berlin and liberalism, "good" freedom, the "big society", and liberalism's flawed liberalism. An interview with Matt Zwolinski, creator of the website Bleeding-Heart Libertarians, the poor, and social justice.