Positionings of gender

Colin Farrelly (Queen's): Patriarchy and Historical Materialism. Chandrakala Padia (BHU): Resisting Logocentrism: Mainstreaming the Gender. From Qualitative Sociology Review, Annalisa Murgia (Trento): "Flexible Narratives": Discursive Positionings of Gender and Identity in Precarious Times; Jeni Loftus (Purdue) and Paul Namaste (PHE): "Expectant Mothers": Women’s Infertility and the Potential Identity of Biological Motherhood; and a review of Erotic Mentoring: Women’s Transformations in the University by Janice Hocker Rushing. The reality of sexist abuse online: Female bloggers speak out about misogynist comments, rape threats and death threats. A review of Duels and Duets: Why Men and Women Talk So Differently by John L. Locke. Battle of the sexes: Traits that help one sex but hurt the other are not sufficient for maintaining genetic variation. No, men's magazines aren't written by "rapists": Melissa Petro says to give the guys a break — women are writing and editing these magazines too. Why is "white male" the default? Maria Pawlowska wants to know. Geoffrey Arnold on how heightism is a social construct based in gender norms. Mark Manson on the truth about universal masculinity. Gay vs. straight: What’s a sexy man? Peter Lawler on what we can learn about courage from the philosopher of manliness Harvey Mansfield. A look at 4 evolutionary explanations for modern annoyances.