What has happened to Occupy Wall Street?

From The Nation, a special section on Occupying the Safety Net, including Frances Fox Piven on what the Occupy movement could do for poor people — and vice versa. Occupy the Cloud: What Occupy Wall Street can take from Gov 2.0. From Jacobin, Mike Beggs on Occupy economics. Wealthy financiers are trying to turn the Occupy movement into a rich vs. poor debate — what they still don't understand is that Americans don't hate the rich, they hate the rich in finance. At Occupy Wall Street, an unlikely mix of students, vets, bankers, regulators and academics are planning alternative financial institutions — including an Occupy bank (and more). Is Occupy Wall Street strapped for cash? Louis Rene Beres on Occupy Wall Street, Adam Smith, and the Wealth of Nations. From The Awl, Lauren Kirchner on Occupy Scandinavia's long winter. From Counterpunch, what if Occupiers armed themselves? In the year of protests, is it really fair to compare the grievances of the Occupy movement to the courage of the Arab Spring? Occupy Wall Street has been quiet since the November evictions, but the 2012 elections will give it a chance to have a lasting impact. What has happened to Occupy Wall Street?