Social contract theory for Occupiers

From New Left Project, an interview with Erik Olin Wright on Occupy Wall Street and transformational strategy. Eric Johnson on how right-wing libertarians, John Birchers and conspiracy freaks are trying to hijack the Occupy Movement. Smack in the middle of the holidays, on a Wednesday night in very late December, about 150 people — philosophy professors and graduate students — gathered in a hotel conference room in Washington, DC, for a panel called, “Thinking Occupation: Philosophers Respond to Occupy Wall Street”. The forgotten prophets of the Occupiers: A fascinating Canadian book urges "political action for the 99%" — it was written in 1943. C. S. Herrman on social contract theory for Occupiers: what law, culture and history tell us. Reza Fiyouzat submits to the Occupy movement the idea of "Direct Representation for Taxation". From Socialist Viewpoint, two issues on Occupy Wall Street. From Ship of Fools, what would Jesus occupy? A look at what lies behind the Occupy phenomenon, what may lie ahead, and what the recent spate of protests across the political spectrum portends for the republic.