Philosophy as the great naivete

Arto Tukiainen (Helsinki): On Wittgenstein's Claim That Ethical Value Judgments are Nonsense. From the inaugural issue of the Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, James Pearson (Pittsburgh): Distinguishing WV Quine and Donald Davidson. From Theoretical and Applied Ethics, a special issue on the moral philosophy of Bernard Williams. From TNR, Philip Kitcher reviews On What Matters by Derek Parfit. From 3:AM, indie rock virtues: An interview with Josh Knobe, co-author of Experimental Philosophy Manifesto; philosophy as the great naivete: An interview with Jason Stanley, author of Know How; and the splintered skeptic: An interview with Eric Schwitzgebel, a mad dog crazyist philosopher at the UC-Riverside. Complaints that philosophy is irrelevant have persisted over time, but there are reasons it should not be be confined to the "ivory tower". Is killing wrong? Josh Rothman wonders. Ready for a "morality pill": Would it be ethical to produce, or take, a drug that makes us more likely to help others? Citizen philosophers: Carlos Fraenkel on teaching justice in Brazil.