Philosophy by another name

The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Philosophy is free online. Bridging the analytic-continental divide: Disputes between the two camps of philosophy can turn ugly, but do they have something to gain from each other? Stuart Kauffman on the inadequacy of the empiricist tradition in Western philosophy. From IHE, is it time for the American Philosophical Association to be euthanized? Cheating death: Alex Byrne on philosophers pondering the afterlife. Philosophy is sometimes assumed to be a dry, academic subject but, in reality, is anything but. Colin McGinn on philosophy by another name: It might have made sense in the age of Pythagoras, but the word "philosophy" no longer applies — we need a new one. Schools of thought: Kids can astonish with the philosophical ideas they spontaneously have, but are they really able to follow through their implications systematically and logically? "It's a pretty obscure scandal, you probably haven't heard of it": Faux Philosophy News remixes stories from Leiter Reports and New APPS in the Horatian style popularized by the Onion.