A particular message

Nassim Nicholas Taleb (NYU-Poly) and George A. Martin (UMass): How to Prevent Other Financial Crises. From K@ta, Parvin Ghasemi and Masoud Ghafoori (PNU): Salinger and Holden: Silent Heroes of Modern Times. The collapse of logic and human culture: Razib Khan on slavery’s last stronghold. People often ask about the name Triple Canopy — here is an answer. White supremacist hacks Trayvon Martin's email account, leaks messages online. Have scientists proved cryonics can't work? This year’s Culture@Large session grappled with the pressing importance of the nonhuman for the work of anthropologists. A review of The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade by Andrew Feinstein. King of Pain: A review essay on David Foster Wallace. Not every piece of a campaign’s online territory need be a full-on website; some are microsites designed to propel a particular message — often a negative one — or perform a specific task. Dimethyltryptamine is so hot right now: Interviews with people who just smoked DMT. It’s all in your head: Tim Requarth and Meehan Crist on the problems with Jonah Lehrer’s Imagine. Whatever happened to pro wrestling? Oliver Lee Bateman remembers what pro wrestling used to be, as he traces its downfall.