The maps we wandered into

From Frontline, India's obsessive responses to maps showing its disputed boundaries with Pakistan and China expose the country to ridicule. Winston's Hiccup: Was an inebriated Churchill to blame for the jagged Saudi-Jordanian border? There does not seem to be a good information flow between Google’s geographical departments and its linguistic tool, Google Translate — or perhaps too much information is also a bad thing. It is often the case in interaction design that the best solutions simply get out of the way, allowing the user to achieve their goal and get on with their life — with Google Maps, this is certainly the desired outcome. "Like Google for old maps": A central repository of maps held by institutions across the globe recently went live at An exquisite book of lying "maps": Legendary designer Paula Scher beautifully distorts borders and names. From Imprint, Buzz Poole on accurate maps vs. useful maps. From The Awl, Victoria Johnson on the maps we wandered into as kids; and fun with maps: A reading list for people who love learning about the world. The world on your shoulders: Frank Jacobs on map tattoos.