The most recent example

A new issue of Hippocampus Magazine is out. Linda Martin Alcoff on how, before Arizona officials continue their attack on critical race theory, they need to understand what it is. David Warsh on Ben Bernanke, Bush’s best pick — what was that all about? From Social Evolution Forum, Ian S. Lustick on Elinor Ostrom. New faces on Sgt Pepper album cover for artist Peter Blake's 80th birthday. From Forbes, Jason Trennert on investing as a social science. The end of excuses: We have become a nation in which children have become expendable — Trayvon Martin is just the most recent example. The truth, the whole truth and Mike Daisey, Apple and Foxconn. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious: What does it mean? Carl Bialik on a surprising conflict that may exist between two U.S. public-policy goals: increasing adoption of the metric system, and encouraging Americans to eat more healthily. An interview with John H. Summers on The Baffler. From Illume, a look at the last handwritten newspaper in the world. A look at why Hungary's far-right party is attracting young people. Has Ann Coulter left the reservation or is it all about Demonic?