Hope for this Supreme Court

Phillip G. Henderson (CUA): Marshall vs. Jefferson Then and Now: How the Intellectual and Political Struggle Over the Constitution Resonates Today. Or Bassok (Yale): To Die for the Empty Constitution. Jack M. Balkin (Yale): Nine Perspectives on Living Originalism. From Supreme Court Review, Suzanna Sherry (Vanderbilt): Hogs Get Slaughtered at the Supreme Court. Dan Goodman on a series of "Blunders of the Supreme Court of the United States". From Boston Review, an interview with Robert Post, author of Democracy, Expertise, and Academic Freedom: A First Amendment Jurisprudence for the Modern State; and the Supreme Court may be signaling potential wrongdoers that they can infringe rights with impunity. A law professor argues that the Tea Party movement is the Constitution's bodyguard; Scott McLemee gets schooled on originalism. The GOP’s great hope for this Supreme Court season is Paul Clement, an unassuming attorney who just happens to be lead counsel on the most polarizing arguments in America. A review of The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution by Brion McClanahan. A review of Nixon's Court: His Challenge to Judicial Liberalism and Its Political Consequences by Kevin J. McMahon.