An allegorical story

Jaishikha Nautiyal (NDSU): The Dark Magic of Ideology: Althuser’s State Apparatuses in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. Luis Da Vinha (Coimbra): Accessing the Conceptual "Goodness" of Geographic Mental Maps for Foreign Policy Analysis. Erik Loomis on the strange, fascinating history of the vibrator. The rise and fall of eunomia: An allegorical story on what international law might become in a world where non-state actors have an increasingly prominent role. From NYRB, can Italy change? An interview with Alastair Smith, co-author of The Dictator’s Handbook: How Bad Behaviour is Almost Always Good Politics. How can the U.N. be heard in a crowd of dramatic titles? Not with a title like Afghanistan's Troubled Transition: Politics, Peacekeeping, and the 2004 Presidential Election. Were the Sixties radical? Andrew Hartman wonders. Foreign Policy goes inside the Ivory Tower. Thinking of donating clothes to Africa, buying shoes so that someone else can have a pair (or just go a day without shoes), and how about buying charity products or visiting impoverished nations to volunteer? Please reconsider.