The Chinese state at work

David L Eng (Penn), Teemu Ruskola (Emory) and Shuang Shen (Penn State): China and the Human. From the Journal of Democracy, Larry Diamond (Stanford): China and East Asian Democracy: The Coming Wave; and Yun-han Chu (NTU): China and East Asian Democracy: The Taiwan Factor. The Chinese state at work: Christopher Kutarna on the One-Child Policy in restrospect. How does China enforce its One-Baby Policy? For Twin Cities-based Chinese artist Meng Tang, the personal is political. China’s imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize winner Liu Xiaobo asks what a TV miniseries can teach us about the direction of the new China. Is China still a developing country? From LRB, Perry Anderson reviews books on China. David Warsh on translating the Chinese experience: It’s time to sort through the steadily accumulating shelf of books. Richard Wolin on a recent trip to China: “This place is more American than America”. From Migration Information Source, a special issue on migration in the modern Chinese world. Atlas Obscura visits Hong Kong cage homes: Appalling and degrading form of low-income housing in one of Asia's richest cities. What's in a surname? New study explores what the evolution of names reveals about China.