This feels like a book

David Meyer (UC-Irvine) and Deana Rohlinger (FSU): Big Books and Social Movements: A Myth of Ideas and Social Change. From NYRB, why finish books? Tim Parks wonders. Elevated Reading Club: Ralph Gardner writes about a book club where participants gather to deconstruct the articles in the New York Review of Books. From Meanjin, Lili Wilkinson on why teenagers today are the first generation of true readers. From Interface, “everything we do is niche”: A roundtable on contemporary progressive publishing. To be read by all parties: An article on the impact of books on Washington policy. Maria Bustillos on romance novels, the last great bastion of underground writing. Do you have any bizarre nonfiction recommendations? The new tastemakers: Few newspapers review books these days — so who does? As society embraces all forms of digital entertainment, a latter-day Noah is looking the other way; Brewster Kahle, who runs the Internet Archive, a nonprofit, hopes to collect one copy of every book. How does one review a book like BibliOdyssey? This feels like a book and looks like a (very handsome) book, is anything but.