Philosophy as we know it

A new issue of Open Journal of Philosophy is out. Jonathan Allen Green (Northwestern): Hume's “False Philosophy” and the Reflections of Common Life. From Purlieu, Jared Bly (North Texas): From Counterfeiting to Convalesence: An Essay on Nietzsche's Coinage; Jesus Zamora-Bonilla (UNED): Positivism is a Humanism (A Liberal Manifesto); and an interview with J. Baird Callicott, a foundational thinker within environmental philosophy and ethics. From the latest issue of Plato, Georgia Mouroutsou (Humboldt): The Allegory of the Cave: The Necessity of the Philosopher’s Descent; Satoshi Ogihara (Tohoku): The Choice of Life in the Myth of Er. From The Philosopher, Jim Danaher on Plato’s Cave and the bicameral brain. Cambridge University’s Philip Allott on first understanding Plato's Republic. A review of Virtue and Politics: Alasdair MacIntyre's Revolutionary Aristotelianism. Julian Friedland on why philosophy is not a science (and more). From the Journal of Nietzsche Studies, a review of books on Nietzsche. A look at how Averroes’s writings on Aristotle shaped Western philosophy as we know it.