Bangladesh and Pakistan

From Geocurrents, Martin W. Lewis on Robert Kaplan’s problematic theory of Pakistan’s geographical destiny. Does size matter in Pakistan? The trailer of Pakistan’s most expensive film yet, Waar, is slick, shiny and exciting viewers on both sides of the border — but what does Lollywood think? The Playboy: Former cricket star Imran Khan may become Pakistan’s next ruler. I’ll be your mirror: What Pakistan sees in Imran Khan (and more). “Most Pakistanis don’t want the Army in politics”: Unrepentant Marxist, writer, journalist, filmmaker and political campaigner, Tariq Ali is still searching for socialism with a human face. What are the odds of a coup in Pakistan? Struggle for democracy: Shakhawat Liton on Bangladesh and Pakistan perspectives. A debate rages after the Bangladesh Army's disclosure that it thwarted an attempt for a coup by pro-Islamist forces. Khalid Bhatti looks back at the tumultuous time of uprisings, military coups and international intervention out of which Bangladesh was born. From Himal Southasian, Laxmi Murthy on the Birangana and the birth of Bangladesh: Women and wombs during, and following, the Liberation War; and the Sultanate’s return: Zeeshan Khan traces the origins of Islamic Bangladesh.