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From Dark Matter, a special issue on Post-Racial Imaginaries, including Christopher Kyriakides (UC-Irvine): Post-Racial Pessimism: Therapolitics and the Anti-Utopian Present; Daniel McNeil (DePaul): “Mixture is a Neoliberal Good”: Mixed-Race Metaphors and Post-Racial Masks; and Benjamin Balthaser on the racist roots of Ron Paul’s anti-imperialism. From The Humanist, he is often called Orwell’s heir because of his fervent love for the writer — in the end, Christopher Hitchens was the most important Orwellian thinker since Orwell; and was Adam Smith a Marxist? C.W. Griffin wonders. From The Fortnightly Review, a spring-summer serial on The Invention of the Modern World by Alan Macfarlane. The republic is finished and the America we knew is gone; the path of the free West now follows the path of Russia under the Soviets. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals, it seems — this is one of the laws of human stupidity. Here are five Fox News Magazine articles that will change your life. What if all the toilets were flushed simultaneously? Stephen Winchell on Cracked: From MAD ripoff to the Internet's nerdy older cousin.