Pirate radical philosophy

From Cosmos and History, a special issue on the future of philosophy. Carlo Salzani (Monash): The Notion of Life in the Work of Agamben. From Radical Philosophy, Gary Hall on pirate radical philosophy; and what’s left of biopolitics? A review essay. A review of Introduction to Antiphilosophy by Boris Groys (and more and more). Paul Taylor draws upon his first-hand experience of giving a public talk with Slavoj Zizek to show how the media's worst tendencies risk being adopted by audiences who should know better (and part 2). A review of The Faith of the Faithless: Experiments in Political Theology by Simon Critchley (and more). Against all ends: Liam Sprod on Hauntology, Aesthetics, Ontology. A review of Anti-Nietzsche by Malcolm Bull. From The New Inquiry, Adam Kotsko on Quentin Meillassoux and the Crackpot Sublime. From NDPR, a review of Improper Life: Technology and Biopolitics from Heidegger to Agamben by Timothy C. Campbell; a review of Time and Philosophy: A History of Continental Thought by John McCumber; and a review of After Poststructuralism: Transitions and Transformations.