An infinitely reproducible identity

A new issue of HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory is out. The use of the Guy Fawkes mask suggests a movement with an infinitely reproducible identity. New research suggests that rather than describe how humans perform, the bell curve may actually be constraining how people perform. Heidegger Revisited: People aren’t even taking the time to chew their food anymore. Ezra Klein on 13 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever. Everything falls apart: The manner in which decay is preserved and renovated is imbedded with values about the past. A review of Eco-Republic: What the Ancients can Teach us about Ethics, Virtue, and Sustainable Living by Melissa Lane. Is it possible for every business to be profitable? The Blagger’s Guide to Philosophy and Literature will lead you through the swamp of pretentiousness like a light saber of truth slaying the many headed hydra of post-modernism.