Sweeping effort

A new issue of the Journal of Social Inclusion is out. Larissa M. Katz (Queen's): “Governing Through Owners”: How and Why Formal Private Property Rights Enhance State Power. Peter Martinsson, Kristian Ove R. Myrseth and Conny Wollbrant (Gothenburg): Reconciling Pro-social vs. Selfish Behavior: On the Role of Self-control. From The National Interest, a special issue on the Crisis of the Old Order. From The New Yorker, Joan Acocella on the lure of the fairy tale. Republican intransigence on taxes is the principal source of America's fiscal deadlock — but as the Supreme Court ruling on health care demonstrates, Democrats' own allergy has consequences, too. From Arena, John Cash on obedience to authority and its discontents. The Library of Utopia: Google's ambitious book-scanning program is foundering in the courts; now a Harvard-led group is launching its own sweeping effort to put our literary heritage online — will the Ivy League succeed where Silicon Valley failed?