In Wales

From Suite 101, Wales, although part of the UK, really is another country with its own language and history — what future has the Welsh language in the 21st century? From THES, the University of Wales was brought down by validation, its money-making machine — David Matthews asks how that happened (and more). Ever since the Welsh Development Agency perished in the flames of the "Bonfire of the Quangoes" in 2006, Wales has missed its business acumen and energy. Amy Hall reports on how Occupy Swansea has spawned a series of occupied social centres in the city. Tim Evans on the Great Unrest and a Welsh town. A new urban project has transformed a small town in Wales into the world’s first Wikipedia town. Atlas Obscura visits one family's environment-friendly hobbit-house in Wales. A reindeer engraved on the wall of a cave in South Wales has been found to date from at least 14,505 years ago, the oldest known rock art in the British Isles.