These Catholic rules

From Homiletic and Pastoral Review, James V. Schall on the truth about God. From Commonweal, William Galston, Peter Steinfels, Michael P. Moreland, Mark Silk, Douglas Laycock and Cathleen Kaveny debate the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’s statement, “Our First, Most Cherished Liberty”. John L Allen Jr. on a real war on religion and a ticking Vatican PR bomb. Is the ban on contraception just an identity marker? From Marx to Maciel: R.J. Stove on what an ex-Communist can teach us about false Catholics. Why do Catholics leave, and what can be done about it? From First Things, modern but not liberal: David S. Yeago on how a confident Christian faith can absorb and sustain the achievements of modernity. Would a message from God pass these Catholic rules on revelation? A review of Medieval Anchoritisms: Gender, Space, and the Solitary Life by Liz Herbert McAvoy. Frank Moloney reflects that after the 16th century council of Trent, there was a tendency within Catholicism away from the Bible.