Not a messaging problem

From Vanity Fair, by the time Marie Colvin got herself smuggled into Syria last winter, to report on the slaughter for the London Sunday Times, she was a legend, for her style as well as her courageous dispatches championing the innocent victims of war — it would be her last story. Mohtadi on the the Shabbiha, terrifying criminals in the service of the Syrian regime. Leilani Clark on the artistic case for abolishing copyright. Ali Steven Farron defends capitalism against Ayn Rand. Odyssey and the lost Spanish treasure: Susan Berfield on the international battle over 17 tons of coins discovered by an American deep-sea treasure hunting company. Todd Lam writes in defence of the blockbuster. Not a messaging problem: Romney doesn’t need a better answer to how are your policies different than Bush’s — he needs policies that are actually different.