The current economic and financial crisis

Antti Kauppinen (TCD): Greed and the Crisis. Benjamin Kunkel reviews Paper Promises: Money, Debt and the New World Order by Philip Coggan (and more) and Debt by David Graeber. A review of The Global Minotaur: America, the True Origins of the Financial Crisis and the Future of the World Economy by Yanis Varoufakis. From The Weekly Standard, when bankers behave badly: Irwin Stelzer on why Mitt Romney should call them on it (and more). Liberating banking from the traders who now run it will reduce the corruption of our politics; break up the banks — break them before they break us again. David Cay Johnston on how corporate socialism destroys. Capitalism is regulation: A review of Unintended Consequences: Why Everything You’ve Been Told about the Economy is Wrong by Edward Conard. The rise of inequality is at the center of the current economic and financial crisis. A review of Inequality and Instability: A Study of the World Economy Just Before the Great Crisis by James Galbraith (and more). Read this book to understand Wall Street: A review of Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market, and Wall Street's Wildest Con by Guy Lawson.