From M/C Journal, a special issue on embodiment. From Defunct, Russell Scott Valentino on Lenin's Empty Place; and Sonya Huber on Legoland. Steven Heller on how hoaxes, spoofs, and parodies play a huge and sometimes dubious role in our social and political discourse. How “personhood” hurts real people: Some say unborn babies and corporations are people, too. Meet the comedians around the world who challenge government orthodoxy. Hunting for a new house? Soon, you can yank one right out of a machine. Sid Kirchheimer on the sneakiest new scams. What is a nerd? When people identify as geeks for obsessively liking cooking, the Civil War, or football, nothing is being diluted — instead, the rest of us are just getting more things to learn about. There is a pervasive notion that the crowd is always right — but what happens when it is wrong?