A new issue of Scottish Left Review is out. Richard S. Kay (Connecticut): Changing the United Kingdom Constitution: The Blind Sovereign. From Standpoint, Andrew Gimson on the strange death of the English gentleman. Jonathan Derbyshire interviews Stuart Hall: “We need to talk about Englishness” (and a response by Richard Seymour). Is Scotland really the social democratic country it proclaims? From OUP, the introduction to Making Thatcher’s Britain by Ben Jackson and Robert Saunders. A review of Inside the Department of Economic Affairs: Samuel Brittan, the Diary of an “Irregular”, 1964-6. “Broken Britain” is the current expression of enduring prejudices on the Right — how does it fit within the context of British conservatism and what does it tell us about David Cameron's Conservatives? The Union Jack is one of the few flags that seems to disrupt its own bounds. Small island with huge ambitions: Two private companies are now offering tourist trips to the Moon, using their own ships — one is Excalibur Almaz, in the Isle of Man (and more). From Jacobin, Richard Seymour on the politics of magical capitalism. Tony Mckenna on why the criminalisation of squatting is a deeply political act.